Automation integration
Constant Source Technology provides customer with excellence and value

Automatic production line
for automotive interiors and exteriors

Provide intelligent production automation integration system together Europe leading injection machine supplier:use world top robot like KUKA, ABB, integrated with safety fence meeting CE standards,to develop efficient and safe program modules.


SMEF (Single Minute Exchange of Fixture) with robot
SMEF with robots: integrated with fixture coding system, SMEF could exchange fixtures fast and intelligently.

Press molding automation

Feeding platform, intelligent oven, 6-axis robot and press are integrated into one automation system, which saves space, labor and power.

Other machine for automotive interior

We have the capability to develop and manufacture automatic machines like flame treatment machine, cutting machine and other machine meeting world leading standards.

Human resource advantages

While we try to improve the capability of current engineers, we pay great attention on developing fresh college graduates to keep an organic talent team and maintain vitality for the continuous development of company.

Standard advantages

According to Europe automation standard, we develop customized CS machines. With high requirements on electrical design standard, installation standard and quality standard, CS automation integration system design and quality could meet or even beat Europe standard.

Quick response advantages

We have strong machine and electrical design and manufacturing capability which enables us to provide our customer with best and fastest service.

Future development

CAIP Divider

1. Continue to develop injection molding accessory automation integration like: weighing, visual inspection, printing, scanning, labeling, mounting, laser cutting, edge wrapping, ultrasonic welding, gluing, spot gluing and fulfill full automatic production for injection parts.

2. Develop practical die change platform with cost advantages.

3. Develop revolutionary flexible ultrasonic welding line.

4. Study and develop cobot system for interior production.

5. Study and develop CS own brand cobot and AGV.

6. Develop the project management capability for Industry 4.0 automation integration system.