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                Stay up to date with all the latest news and updates from CAIP.

                Grammer AG signs Joint Venture Agreement with FAWSN Group

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                Changchun (China), November 5, 2019 – Grammer AG has signed today an agreement with CHANGCHUN FAWSN GROUP CO., LTD., Changchun, China, an affiliated company of FAW Group Co., Ltd., one of the largest automotive manufacturers in China, to establish a Joint Venture for automotive interior components. Grammer AG will be holding 50 percent of the new Joint Venture GRAMMER FAWSN Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. The other 50 percent will be held by CHANGCHUN FAWSN GROUP CO., LTD.


                The Joint Venture will be developing and producing a wide range of automotive interior components for vehicles produced by the FAW Group and its foreign partners. Grammer will be contributing its development and manufacturing know-how for all products such as consoles, interior components and functional plastics.

                As one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China, the FAW Group produced last year more than 3.2 million passenger cars for the local market and exports to other Asian countries, Africa and Latin America.


                “Through the Joint Venture with the CHANGCHUN FAWSN GROUP, we reach another important milestone in our growth strategy in China. By working closely with a leading local OEM, we will be able to reinforce our position in the largest automotive market and substantially spur our planned growth in Asia,” explains Thorsten Seehars, Chief Executive Officer of Grammer. “This Joint Venture combines the strengths of a leading Chinese manufacturer with the expertise of one of the leading suppliers for interieur components”.

                More than twenty-six million passenger cars are produced each year in China making it the world’s largest market for automobiles. With its new partner FAWSN Group, Grammer possesses an outstanding platform to widen its customer base in China and achieve a greater penetration of other Asian markets at the same time.

                Grammer generates today around 15 percent of its Group revenues in China with a total of six production and two research and development sites addressing both the passenger and commercial vehicle segments. Looking ahead the new Joint Venture in Changchun will further support Grammer’s growth plans in China.

                About CHANGCHUN FAWSN Group
                With its headquarter in Changchun City, Jilin Province, Changchun FAWSN Group Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of FAW Group, one of the largest automakers in China. The group has 9,500 employees, mainly providing FAW Group’s with varieties of automotive parts and systems for China and overseas markets.

                About Grammer AG
                Grammer AG is located in Amberg, Germany, specialized in the development and production of automotive interior components and systems, as well as driver suspension seats and passenger seats for road and construction machinery vehicles. Grammer Automotive Unit offers headrests, armrests, central systems, high quality interior components, operating systems and innovative thermoplastic solutions for high-end automakers and automotive system suppliers. Commercial vehicle operations include truck seats, construction machinery seats (tractors, construction machinery, forklifts) and train and bus seats. Grammer operates in 20 countries around the world and employs approximately 15,000 people. Grammer is listed on the German main board market and traded on the Frankfurt and Munich stock exchanges via the electronic trading system Xetra.

                Changshu Antolin and CJLR technical communications held in Changshu

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                On May 23, Changshu Antolin had a communication and study event on product development, new material and new process technology with CJLR team at Haiyu Plant. CJLR product development team, program management team, cost management team and purchasing management team attended the event.

                During the one-day event,? the teams had discussions on FAW Volkswagen New Audi A6L instrument panel, Audi Q5 instrument panel, Volvo S90L instrument panel, Mercedes-Benz E-class instrument panel, BMW domestic pillar trim and other interior parts, as well as door module, window regulator, front and rear end Modules, active grilles and other functional products.

                In addition, Changshu Antolin ED&D team also demonstrated new products and technologies in process, such as domestic airbag mesh, active grille actuators, natural fiber and hemp fiber injection parts, multicolor Ambient lights, etc.
                Through technical discussions, CJLR team had a better understanding of our product features, and had more confidence and better vision in future targeted cooperation.

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                CAIP and Changshu Institute of Technology discussed cooperation

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                On May 31, a team led by Mr. Sun Shixian, deputy dean of Changshu Institute of Technology and deputy secretary of Automotive Engineering School, and Mr. Wen Jie, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, visited CAIP to have a research and exchange on the actual needs of the company in the development process.Chairman Luo Xiaochun, and VGM Ms. Luo Xifang received the team.

                The leaders of Automotive Engineering School asked about talents demand in the development of CAIP and the development status of Changshu Institute of Technology graduates in CAIP. The two sides discussed cooperation in scientific research and talent cultivation.

                Mr. Luo stated that enterprises need matched talents, and institutions should cultivate talents in a targeted manner based on industry development trends and actual needs; both parties shall focus on resources and information sharing, combine student learning with corporate practice, train students’ project practice and teamwork capabilities, strengthen the practicality and effectiveness of talents. A good school-enterprise cooperation enables students to enter enterprise, adapt to future jobs, and achieve mutual benefit school and enterprise.

                Mr. Sun encouraged Changshu Institute of Technology graduates who were presenting the meeting to improve their capabilities to adapt to the development trend of the automotive industry and become a higher-level talent. He also stated that the curriculum setting of School would be improved according to the actual needs, so that the talents cultivated would be more in line with industry characteristics and industrial needs. This discussion bridged the gap between CAIP and Changshu Institute of Technology Automotive Engineering School in terms of talent training, internship employment, scientific research and development, and business mutual assistance. It was significant to strengthen the cooperation between cooperation between school and enterprise, make full use of advantages and realize the function of benefiting the society with higher education.

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                JLRQ signing ceremony held at Antolin Changshu

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                On May 20th, on this special day, Changshu Antolin held the long-awaited JLRQ? signing ceremony. JLRQ is a quality achievement award issued by JLR to the supplier, which represents the customer’s recognition of Changshu Antolin’s excellent quality and service!

                JLRQ? Requirements

                Regarding the evaluation requirements of JLRQ, candidates needs to meet the following conditions:

                1 On-site management

                2 Quality, environmental ,occupational health and safety management system

                3 Logistics management and delivery capabilities

                4 Continuous improvement

                5 PPM delivered

                6 Market feedback

                7 company integrity index, etc.

                This is a comprehensive assessment of the company , and all of the above must be strictly assessed and reviewed by the customer for at least 6 months

                Changshu Antolin has been committed to continuous improvement of quality to? improve our quality and meet customer requirements. What is more worth celebrating is that the JLRQ audit and signing ceremony were held simultaneously at Haiyu plant and the Yanjiang plant.

                The success of the JLRQ signing ceremony is an encouragement and push for us. Changshu Antolin will continue to provide customers with improved products, technologies and services.

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                Deputy Secretary of the Changshu Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Mr. Jiao Yafei visited CAIP

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                On Feb 15th, a team led by Mr.? Jiao Yafei, Deputy Secretary of the municipal party committee and Mayor visited CAIP for a research. Chairman Mr. Luo Xiaochun, General Manager Mr. Henri Tsang and , VGM Mr. Tao Jianbing accompanied.

                Mayor Jiao visited the display room ,listened to summary on development history, product innovation, and research on lightweight materials of CIAP. He expressed his affirmation and pointed out that in 2019, facing the complicated external Conditions, CAIP must firmly develop the confidence and determination, make a good analysis of the situation and analysis of specific problems, and solve the outstanding problems? in the work; also increase our efforts and contribute more to the high-quality development of Changshu; start early and seize the opportunity to ensure that all work is carried out.

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                Department of Human Resources and Social Security visited CAIP for a research on the employment situation

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                On Feb 14th, A team led by Mr. Li Fujun, assistant researcher of the China Academy of Labor and Social Security,? Mr. Li Xiongwei, director of the Provincial Department of Employment Promotion, Mr. Kang Kai, Suzhou Municipal Labor and Employment Management Service Center, and Changshu Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau director Mr. Xu Huidong, deputy director Mr. Zhang Weizhong visited CAIP for a research on? the employment situation of company. Chairman Luo Xiaochun, General Manager Henri Tsang accompanied.

                At the symposium, the research team learned about the situation and difficulties we faced on operation and employment and the development plan of 2019. The teams discussed the policy support and services that enterprises are most eager to obtain, and provided reference for the government departments to analyze and judge on employment situation and policies.

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                The Standing Committee of the Changshu Municipal People’s Congress visited CAIP

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                On Jan 29, a research team led by Mr. Yang Chonghua, director of Changshu Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee , Mr. Gu Feng, director of Changfu district Office, and Ms. Pang Fengqin, director of Changfu Street People’s Congress visited CAIP.? CAIP Chairman Mr. Luo Xiaochun and management team accompanied.

                At the working meeting, the research team listened to report on the development of CAIP in 2018 and the development prospect in 2019. Director Yang asked about CAIP’s current development needs and problems, and pointed out that for CAIP, it is significant to focus on independent innovation, continue to increase investment in research and development, and further enhance the level of advanced manufacturing; focus on transformation and upgrading, strengthen scientific management, and vigorously introduce high-end talents and? further enhance intelligent manufacturing; pay attention to ecological and environmental protection, make full use of advanced technology to reform traditional processes, and further improve the manufacturing level. Meanwhile, CAIP must keep in step with two local OEMs in Changshu and try to get more new business, achieve a better operational performance and taxation to make new contributions to the economic construction of Changshu.

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                2018 CAIP Group Meeting held in Changshu

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                On December 14th to 16th, CAIP Group held the 2018 Year Group Meeting in Changshu to review the achievements of 2018 and plan the tasks of 2019 to fulfill the 5-year strategic targets and modify the 10-year development planning. Chairman Mr. Luo Xiaochun, President Mr. Henri Tsang, senior and middle managements from subsidies and joint ventures attended the meeting.

                The meeting was presided over by Ms Luo Xifang, Secretary of the Board and VGM CAIP Group. Focusing on Group overall goals, the Party’s general branch, finance, auditing, human resources, sales, technical and other departments focus on the group’s overall goals and make a report on priorities and achievements of 2018 and 5-10 years’ strategic planning respectively.

                Foreign experts expressed their ideas and suggestions on challenges under current and future market circumstance and how to survive such crisis and challenges. They also shared information and thoughts on development of automotive market, especially for new energy vehicles.

                Also, CICC was invited to make a training on how to run a listed company under current regulatory environment; Changshu Municipal fire brigade, Safety Supervision?Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, and China Pacific Insurance Company (CPIC) were invited to make trainings on fire protection, production safety, environmental regulations and property insurance claims.

                Ms Qian Hong, Changshu EITC cadre who takes a temporary position at CAIP made a speech that it is necessary to find out the conjuncture of party building and enterprise operation, adjust thoughts on the party building, excavate the characteristics of party building and give full play to the power of party building to further promote the party building work and effectively boost the development of enterprises.

                Mr. Luo stated that all subsidies and joint ventures shall keep focusing on safety, environmental protection and fire protection as legal compliance is always the first priority. In order to cope with the gloomy situation of the automotive industry in the future, all platforms and companies should unite with each other and make concerted efforts. In particular, they should support new plants in Tianjin and Beijing and get ready for mutual development. We shall Keep focusing on new products development and export business to keep in pace with global OEMs and achieve 5-year goals.

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                Party Secretary of Changshu visited CAIP for a survey

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                In order to carry out the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on the forum on private enterprises and strongly support the development of private enterprises, Mr. Wang Yang, the party secretary of Changshu, visited CAIP on November 29 for a special survey.

                Mr. Wang had a cordial communication with CAIP Chairman Mr. Luo Xiaochun on product performance, market development, technology innovation, inquired the actual difficulties in operations of company and listen to the suggestions on optimizing the policy environment and government services. Wang also encouraged enterprises to grasp the general trend of development, strengthen their confidence in development, pay attention to technological innovation and structural optimization, be more precise, stronger and bigger in major business, and strive to take the lead in the high-quality development of Changshu.

                In the survey, Wang stressed that Changshu would implement the latest deployment requirements of the Central Government, Jiangsu province, and Suzhou City, continue to improve the conditions and environment for the development of private economy, fully stimulate the private economy’s strong vitality and creativity.

                Frist to further deepen our understanding and mindset. We need to fully understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and keep firm to develop the private enterprise. We need to face up to the problems encountered in the current development of enterprises, all sectors and departments should walk into the enterprise with sincerity, listen to the appeals, identify the pain points of enterprise development and find ways to help solve the difficulties; We need to strengthen our confidence in development, create an environment for development, keep the philosophy of setting a Cordial,?Secure Environment for Investors, and support the transformation and upgrading of private enterprises. We believe firmly that private enterprise strong, then Changshu strong.

                Second to further increase policy support. We should realize that to “reduce the burden” on enterprises is to “store energy” for the economy, and to help enterprises “overcome difficulties” is to “remove obstacles” to development. We should strictly implement the superior’s policies and measures on promoting the high quality development of entity economy, set up relevant supporting policies in time, support and service domestic backbone enterprises, to achieve new breakthrough in market open, power degating, element configuration, fiscal and taxation support, credit financing, talent introduction, to reduce the operation cost and Comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of private enterprises.

                Third to further improve business environment. We should focus on make a “twin engines” of government and market, continue to deepen reforms like “non-face-to-face approval”, “3540” approval, further build a fair market environment, a harmonious business environment, a clear and effective policy environment, a fair and transparent legal environment, to remove the trouble back at home and loosen baggage for enterprise, remove obstacles for innovation, escort for fairness, build a new type of Close and Clear relationship between government and enterprises.

                Fourth to further Promote entrepreneurship. ?The private entrepreneurs should emancipate their minds, forge ahead with determination, focus on the root cause, train their internal strength, stick to industry and strengthen their main business, and consciously fulfill their social responsibilities, standardize the production and operation behavior, and strive to be entrepreneurs with standpoint, thoughts, feelings, perseverance and ingenuity, so as to provide strong support for the high-quality development of Changshu. Also we need to strengthen party building in non-public enterprises and party members entrepreneurs should play a pioneering and exemplary role, give full play to the role of grass-roots party organizations and unions, create harmonious labor relations, and promote the steady and sustainable development of enterprises. The entrepreneurs should strengthen self-learning, self-education and self-improvement, further strengthen the cultivation of the second and new generation of entrepreneurs. So that we will have new and better entrepreneurs generation after generation in Changshu, and jointly pass on the excellent entrepreneurship from generation to generation.

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