Exterior Components

Helping OEMs Boost Production Speed for Front-Ends

Front-End Modules (FEMs) became a specialty at CAIP through our joint venture with Magna International, a world-leading FEM producer. Named MCC Exteriors, this joint venture company supplies to both domestic and international markets.

MCC Exteriors uses state-of-the-art equipment to mold and paint front-end fascias, spoilers and grills. They then assemble and integrate all the module’s components, adding systems for lighting, engine cooling, turbo charging, crash/pedestrian protection, and advanced driver assistance (ADAS).

To help our customers save money and time in their factories, we sequence the colors in the order that the OEM assembly line will be building vehicles. For one MCC customer, our FEM deliveries contribute to their ability to assemble a vehicle every 72 seconds.

Collaborating with our Magna partners, our MCC design team uses cutting-edge computer-aided engineering tools (CATIA, UG and finite element analysis) to develop the mechanical structure and integrate all the systems. They also run simulations for impact energy absorption and mold-flow analysis.

In addition to painted and sequenced bumper assemblies, MCC produces grills, spoilers, side protectors, spare tire cover assemblies, splash shields, side skirts, wheel flares and cowl grills.

Plastics tailgate enables a weight reduction up to 35% and offers more styling opportunities.

By contacting either CAIP or Magna International, you can learn more about both the lightweight plastic component production and FEM assembly work that our well-honed alliance can provide for your next program.