Instrument Panels

Premium IP Craftsmanship for Every Segment

Our devotion to meticulous practices at every step enables CAIP to provide unsurpassed quality and responsiveness on each of our Instrument Panel (IP) products. Fits and finishes are well within tolerance. Color tones match from part to part. Cockpit modules and other surfaces converge with even joints.

Beyond those basics, a wide range of molding innovations expands the creative styling options. Slush operations, for example, combine two trim colors in a single-molded part. Alternatively, polyurethane spray techniques add further refinement to both leather and technical grains.

For many of our OEM and Tier 1 customers, we also provide partial or complete IP assembly, adding lighting and media systems, as well as real wood and aluminum trim.

For luxury-brand IPs, CAIP also hand-wraps leather and adds live-stitch accents.

CAIP also have the capability of engineering and manufacturing of air vents.

When you select CAIP as your instrument panel supplier, our engineering team will collaborate with you to ensure the safety and affordability of your system, and will make sure that the respective dimensions fulfill your design and styling specifications.