Other Interior Components

Soft Trim with less Weight and Cost

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caip hard sunroof shades
caip load floors
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Besides major, multi-component interior modules, CAIP also designs and manufactures many individual automotive interior products – from sunroof shades to floor carpets, and everywhere in between.

Our crafted fit and finish traits seamlessly integrate with your interior design theme. In addition, we specialize in delivering weight- and cost-efficiencies.

We achieve these savings through innovative material and construction strategies, including paper honeycomb (PHC), Azdel, and natural fiber (wood, bamboo or kenaf).

The mechanical properties of these natural fiber composites enable OEMs to realize a host of other benefits, including:
* Improved fit
* Easier installation
* Mitigated noise, vibration and harshness possibilities
* Minimized need for reinforcements.

When you select CAIP to supply your vehicle soft trim components, you access a wealth of know-how built not only through our own experiences, but also through our close partnerships with world-leading automotive suppliers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can fulfill your needs for individual soft trim interior components.