Pillars and Sills

Pillar Safety Measures and Interior Integration

Our engineers develop and refine pillar and sill designs with the exacting eye of a fine craftsman. Our parting line placements and tooling details, for example, make seams practically undetectable. And, of course, we ensure that these components smoothly blend with the headliner, carpet and instrument panel.

To give your organization confidence about A-pillar safety issues, we use both computer-aided analysis and testing in the lab to help ensure that our B-side designs properly allow airbag deployment.

In production, we offer an array of pillar and sill plate garnish options, making substrates using mold-in-color, insert molding and low-pressure injection-molded processes. We also cloth- or leather-wrap substrates. Our sill plate options include engraved chrome, brushed aluminum and lighted marques.

As your partner for pillars and sills, we comb through every detail to ensure that these components will perform dependably and perfectly complement your winning interior design. Contact us for specific ideas for your next pillar and sill program.